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The Easiest Revenue Generating Sweepstakes Phone Card System
"At Last! An Outstanding Breakthrough for Sweepstakes and Redemption Operators: Titan Touch Plus"

Titan Touch

The Titan Touch Plus displays above.

FINALLY, the First Amusement Point-of-Sale
System Designed to Dramatically Optimize Your Business and Maximize Your Profits.

Here are a few of powerful features Titan Touch Plus offers:

Remote Credit System, issues and transfers credit to a game of choice
Detailed accounting, giving you the ability to measure day to day cash flow
Remote centralized reporting, allows you to monitor your cash flow from your offsite office via Titan Manager™
Centralized printing eliminates the expense of buying multiple printers
Remote data access, lets you access the Titan from anywhere to handle questions or troubleshoot

Titan Touch Plus Delivers Smart Advantages:

This easy to use, revenue-generating system processes every phone card sweepstakes
transaction or redemption credit as it seamlessly interfaces with an unlimited number of redemption machines, sweepstakes terminals, or amusements. It allows credits to be
transferred from one amusement to another, so players can continue playing without
having to stop and redeem their winnings.

You’ll know how well your business is doing because this system captures each cash transaction, summarizes the totals, and allows you to access the data for further analyzing.

Our  system will help you  run your business efficiently. It provides centralized printing requiring only one printer. Your equipment never needs to be unavailable to your players. Our  Titan Touch Plus notifies you whenever a terminal or redemption machine is out-of-service.

Knowing your cash flow is often a primary concern. The new Titan Manager (available with a 30-day free trial) provides remote centralized reporting, allowing you to see the cash coming in, and cash paid out from any office. You’ll be able to review and analyze your accounting data. Best yet, it provides a simple function key to print reports or export the data for further analysis.

Lastly, the Titan Touch Plus provides a flexible design that can be modified to meet future state compliance requirements, giving you an asset you can leverage going forward.

No available system compares, making this the strongest investment on the market. In
addition, this turnkey system is simple to install and easy to transfer to new locations.

Click here to find out how the Titan Touch Plus can provide you with greater efficiency and add dollars to your bottom line!



For additional information you can also contact us at 1-888-789-(TITAN) (8482) for Customer Service Sales or Technical Support.




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